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Some years ago, I stopped singing. It’s true. I, like so many others chose mundane goals and objectives that did not resonate with who I really was. It took years of precious lost time before I realized in order for true happiness in my life, I needed to pursue a career in the performing arts, because that has always been my true calling; that is My Heart’s Desire and My Sacred Contract.

So, when I began to sing again, I thought, “Man this is hard! I don’t remember it being this difficult!” I remembered that singing came easily and natural for me, but this experience was different. I realized I had two concerns: Firstly, I needed to heal and strengthen my physical body. Second, I needed to re-learn how to sing. Regarding the second concern, I found the Speech Level Singing (SLS) Technique in Jan. 2000, via Master Instructor and former SLS CEO, Dave Stroud in San Francisco. After two years of training, the ease of singing began to return and Dave asked me to become a Certified Instructor. What I learned through 8 years as a Certified Instructor reshaped my life forever.

NOTE: As of March 2013, an exciting new startup identified as The Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA) was created. IVA has at its core the promise of transparency in its associations and to continually develop the IVA Program with the latest scientific vocal research. Many certified instructors have opted to join IVA, including me, Alexys Paris. Certification into The Institute For Vocal Advancement is as a Level III Certified Instructor with the opportunity for advancement, and I look forward to working with IVA! IVA’s vocal technique is based on the 17th Century Italian Schola Cantorum Technique. IVA seeks to push the envelope further, building on what has already been learned. To Learn More about IVA.

So, I know the IVA Technique will improve your Vocal Tone, Strength, Range, Ease, Agility, and Confidence, as it allows for Free Voice, and supports any genre. Group Singing Lessons and Private Voice Lessons are provided at the well-known establishment: The Voice Studio, and additionally privates at Alexys Paris Voice Studio (APVS) both providing an environment that encourages creativity. APVS offers a Monthly Newsletter, and Blog. Click here to Learn More about vocal training. And by the way, regarding my physical health, I’ve learned a lot about health and diet and evolved into a Raw Food Vegetarian.

Testimonial: Michael Jeffries

“Working with Alexys I always felt the immense dedication he brings to teaching SLS. With that dedication he was able to open the door for me!”
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Testimonial: Shana Dinha

“Since the day I’ve been working with you I have noticed a huge improvement in the way I can sing. Your business and your wisdom have given me insight into the music industry”
Learn More-Shana Dinha


Testimonial: Shanika

“His ability to relate to me… I have been able to do what I have only heard singers on the radio do!”
Learn More-Shanika


Testimonial: Atir

“I highly recommend Alexys and the SLS approach. He has helped me expand my overall range and improved my self confidence as a performer.”
Learn More-Atir

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