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1. Membership & Registration:

This Policy is an agreement between the adult student or parent/legal guardian of a minor student) here in after referred as (student) and Alexys Paris Voice Studio hereafter (APVS).
•1. Memberships & Registration:
An annual Membership Fee of $30 is charged at the initial registration. The Membership Fee will be renewed on the one year anniversary date, unless Membership Change Notification Form is completed, signed and submitted to Alexys Paris Voice Studio (APVS).

Voice Training-Voice Lessons In Oakland-Speech Level Singing (SLS)

Changes in Membership options are allowed, please see (Membership Changes and Cancellations) below.

•2. Monthly Tuition:

•2. Monthly Tuition:
Memberships cannot be placed on hold, rolled-over to any month in the future or pro-rated. The Monthly Tuition will be automatically debited from the student’s bank account or credit card on record on the 1st of every month, and is non-refundable. For any NSF fees a non-refundable $25 NSF fee will be charged. It is understood the NSF fee it subject to collections processes.

•3. Membership Changes and Cancellation Policy:

•3. Membership Changes and Cancellation Policy:
The student may change or cancel the Membership by filling out and submitting an online Membership Change and Cancellation Notice 15 days prior to the next month. All changes and or cancellations must be submitted online and not in any other format. Oral communications via phone or in person is not acceptable.

The student may pay a $90 expedited processing fee to cancel their membership which will be effective immediately.

APVS reserves the right to terminate any student’s voice lessons and or agreement at any time. In such cases an appropriate pro-rata refund will be issued if necessary.

•4. Voice Lesson Absences & Rescheduling Policy:

•4. Voice Lesson Absences & Rescheduling Policy:
APVS will work with you to schedule the most convenient times for your voice lessons. Therefore, regardless of circumstances, voice lessons not rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to the start time will be forfeited, cannot be rescheduled. Scheduled appointments can be officially rescheduled at least 24 Hours prior to start time of the lesson via email: Contact Alexys or text message/phone call/voice message at 415.255.1655 or by going to the online scheduler (recommended) and rescheduling it. The student must reschedule the make-up lesson at least 30 days from the lesson’s initially scheduled date. Go here to schedule or in the case of (rescheduling at least 30 Days after initially scheduled lesson): Scheduling/Rescheduling. If the instructor needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson may be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or a refund will be issued.

Group Lessons – Unattended group lessons are forfeited, not eligible for rescheduling and non-refundable.

•5. Student Expectations:

•5. Student Expectations:
Recorded Media – The student is expected to bring a Thumb-Drive to every voice lesson for the purpose of recording the voice lessons and practicing in between lessons. Please bring a Thumb-Drive that is unformatted or one that does not contain valuable digital content. The Thumb-Drive must be (re)formatted the very time 1st time of usage. These recordings are for your personal & private use only. The student agrees not to publish or allow to be published any recorded voice lesson or class in any public domain or on the internet.
Practicing – The student acknowledges his/her expectation of practicing at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes each practice session.
Song Lyrics – Please know all lyrics to the songs you are working on. It is unproductive when the student is unfamiliar with the song’s lyrics and format. Please bring two copies of the lyrics printed out and double spaced to the voice lesson for maximum student progress.
APVS – has connections to leaders in the music industry. From time to time Master Classes will be scheduled and students are encouraged and expected to avail themselves to these industry related workshops, seminars and performance events.
Vocal Lessons – are conducted in person or online via Skype, to students age 8 & above with the means to take lessons. Alexys Paris Voice Studio (APVS) provides lessons in person located at:
Alexys Paris Voice Studio.
Lost/Stolen Items & Personal Injury – APVS conducts business in a safe and secured environment. Lost/stolen items or personal injury inside or outside of APVS’ business location is not the responsibility of APVS.
Substitute Instructor – The student understands that a substitute voice instructor may be provided in the event the original instructor is unavailable. If a substitute instructor is unavailable, a credit for the missed voice lesson(s) or class(es) will be applied to the student’s account or refund issued.

•6. Tardiness • Holidays • Wrap-Up:

•6. Tardiness • Holidays • Wrap-Up:
Tardiness – If the student arrives late to the voice lesson, the lesson will still end at its appointed time and there will be no make-up for the loss time. Please be on time for your voice lesson.
Holidays – Unless prior notice is given by APVS please assume that lessons are scheduled as usual during any holiday. The student be notified of studio closures various holiday’s or the holiday’s will be blocked from scheduling online.
Wrap-Up-Time – All teaching time must end 3 – 5 minutes prior to the session’s end to finalize the recorded media, give final instructions, and for any other matters as necessary. If the previous lesson runs late, you will be given your full-allotted time.

•7. Refund Policy:

•7. Refund Policy:

All sales are final, no refunds except in cases noted herein this agreement. 24 Hour Cancellation Policy (Section 4 – Above applies). All sales are made through, and/or and are governed by the state of California law.

•8. Privacy Policy:

•8. Privacy Policy:

Alexys Paris Voice Studio does not share contact or email addresses with any outside organizations.
For OnLine purchases, proof of purchase will be provided via email immediately. For payments made using Paypal or Paymate, receipt will be provided from either of those two payment entities.

9. Customer Support:

•9. Customer Support:
If you have a question or concern, please send an email Contact, or you can call or text 415.255.1655. Thank You.

10. Reservation:

•10. Reservation:
Alexys Paris Voice Studio reserves the right to modify the Studio Policy at any time.

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What Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take Alexys’ word for it, let the clients do the talking!

When I walked into Alexys’ studio, I came not just with me. I came with my demons: fear, anxiety, and my moms voice “you can’t sing”. Alexys graciously allowed all of us to be there and with grace and humor began my first lesson. We have never mentioned it, but our goal together is to tame my demons with my (to be!) melodic voice and in the end, they will be my most loyal audience.

In other words: Alexys is fearless, graceful, and deeply committed to go as far as you, the student, wants to go.

Alexys ROCKS!

Reverend Zoe Inman

“First and foremost I would like to take a second to express my gratitude to the Almighty for bringing us Alexys Paris.  As a mother like most parents out there, one can be a bit paranoid when it comes to finding someone that you would hope to trust from online.  And when my sister-in-law chose Alexys Paris over many Vocalists online and told me how an EXCELLENT TEACHER he was, I immediately put my daughter in, and although we’ve only been with Alexys since last year, it feels like we’ve known each other, well, like forever. He’s a very trust-worthy individual, which is one of the most important things I look for in a person. He’s reliable, kind, caring, loving, and funny with a great sense of humor that my daughter, Esetia just loves and adores… I would highly recommend Alexys out there to any of the parents who would want the best VOCALISTS for their children.  My daughter has learned so much more since she’s been with Alexys Paris, and she will continue to stay with Alexys, until she meets his term. 

Here is my daughter Esetia, in her own words of what she wants to share with you all about her vocal teacher Alexys:  Thank you Alexys for teaching Me and You are a WONDERFUL PERSON. 

We Love You Alexys.

Thank You & Much Love.
 Esetia Mataele/Sophie Mataele, Mother”


Leilani is passionate about singing and has been performing before she began classes with Alexys Paris last Summer 2013. Alexys is her first professional vocal coach. His in-depth knowledge of vocal techniques, clear instructions, patience, and encouraging words are helping Leilani know and understand her voice, protect her vocal cords, expand her range, and reach her fullest potential. The recording of each session on a CD is a huge plus! — she uses them to remind her of what they’ve gone over and to practice with where ever she is. Leilani aspires to be on Broadway and TV/Film — Alexys is one of the people helping her get there.


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Singing Lessons In Oakland-Voice Lessons In Oakland-Learn To Sing-SLS