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Fixing Voices

Alexy | August 30, 2015
Elaine’s Singing-Vox Level Singing

Fixing Voices!

Fixing Voices For Artistic Freedom

I’m a vocal registrator. I’ve gotten good at creating vocal balance in my clients. I can hear immediately what’s “wrong’ with a client’s vocal and know how to create an experience to move the voice into a much better experience. I have also gotten good at vocal styling, although I have to sit down and craft out what the improv will sound like. My clients, those who know me have come to rely on my skills and artistry, and they seem to trust my judgement. Someone recently said to me, you are really good at crafting styles that work for each artist. I had to admit, that yeah, I seem to have that “gift”.

I have been trained by some of the best master voice technicians in the business, and although I’ve learned a lot, I know I have much more to learn. Teaching voice is a lifelong process and I love what I do. A master voice Instructor has earned the title most often after at least 20 – 25 years of hard work, experimentation and much study. That is why I stay certified with IVA, The Institute for Vocal Advancement which gives me access to some of the best master Instructors on the planet. I’ve been studying this technique for 15 years and have been teaching it for more than 10 years.

To be a vocal technician is one thing, but to be a vocal stylist is another. One can go to school to learn the tools to be a vocal technician, but as stated earlier, it takes years and skill to apply it effectively. For vocal styling, one must dig deep within to find the perfect riffs, runs, phrasing, dynamics… etc. That emanates from studying the great singers of the past and from one’s intuitive center; it is truly artistic. Not everyone who has good style also has good technique and vice-versa, but the two, both (technique & style) are requirements of good effortless singing.

Its difficult to fly with a crippled wing; its difficult to “sang” when one is weighted down to heavily, or disconnects, breaks into falsetto with little control over the voice. As we have learned recently broken voices are either crippling or ruining careers of many singers. The public are beginning to understand – Vocal Technique Matters!

If you have a desire to express vocals in an artistically stylistic manner, but you are having vocal issues and you are experiencing obstacles, I would love to work with you for I love… Fixing Voices…

To learn more, check here: Free Voice

Hope This Helps!
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Written by Alexy


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